We will communicate with you in the normal course of your rental booking.

We will communicate with you about latest offers and for our own marketing & research purposes; you have the right to tell us not to include you in these types of communication

We never share your information with another company, or let other companies use our database of customer information.

Data Protection

We have strict procedures for storing and disclosing your personal information to prevent unauthorised access. These security procedures may occasionally mean that we request proof of identity before we disclose information to you.

Information Held

In the normal course of your rental booking the following information is required: -

Name, address, date of birth, copies of your driving license, passport, etc. (see Terms & Conditions). This information allows us to process and fulfil your rental.

In addition we will need contact details. Email address, telephone, fax, etc. are required in order for us to confirm bookings and assist, you during you hire period if needed, etc.

Your Consent

By using this site and giving us your personal information, you are agreeing to the collection, storage and processing of your personal information by Self Drive Car Hire.

Data Protection Notice

Self Drive Car Hire is a trading name of UK's limos & The Krystal Group. The purpose of processing personal data is to fulfil your rental.

This privacy policy only applies to the Self Drive Car Hire website. Within other sites linked to/from are not covered by this policy.